Rey Mysterio Jr In Talks With Two Major Promotions

Photo: WWE

According to a new article on Sports Illustrated, former World Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. is in talks with both the WWE and Global Force Wrestling about a shift in landscapes once his current contract with Lucha Underground expires. Mysterio is signed through Season 3 (the current season) and will become a free agent 90 days after the last episode airs.

From the article:

There is strong incentive for both companies to make Mysterio an offer he cannot refuse. WWE needs a big Latino star, as well as a great ambassador to Latin America. GFW/Impact is very motivated to move away from Alberto El Patron and generate some positive headlines by inking the legendary Mysterio.

WWE also holds an edge with its state-of-the-art Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Mysterio’s son, Dominick, is pursuing a career in pro wrestling, and could benefit from the opportunity to train at WWE’s PC.

The possibility also looms that Lucha Underground will swoop in with an offer to retain Mysterio, yet El Rey has yet to announce a fourth season for the show.

Photo: WWE

Rey Mysterio Jr is a former 3x World Champion in the WWE, as well as being an 8x WWE/WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 2x Intercontinental Champion, and 7x WWE/WCW World Tag Champion in a 13 year career with the WWE following 5 years with WCW. Both companies could greatly use the former World champion – WWE could use Rey Mysterio Jr to become a huge star to help promote the Cruiserweight Division – a division he made famous while in WCW and later in WWE – as well as become the top Latin American draw they still desperately need. GFW may have a bargaining chip over the WWE if money is no object, as his good friend Konnan is back with GFW and a potential feud with LAX could entice Mysterio to try some new waters.

No word yet on which way he’s leaning as of yet.

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