Turn the Paige: It’s Time for the Final Chapter


To quote the late Owen Hart: “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.”

The latest in the Paige and Alberta El Patron/Del Rio True Romance love fiasco has dominated wrestling news – as well as mainstream press like TMZ – as what started as a crazed fan throwing a drink at Alberto at an airport, has now been revealed to allegedly have been a fight between the infamous wrestling couple that began after a drunk Alberto grew irate with Paige for being on the phone so long with her family because her uncle was dying and shouted to her that he wished her uncle would just die. This caused Paige to toss her water at him and she left the bar. At which time the woman accused of being the deranged fan encountered the two. Paige demanded he leave her alone and Alberto followed, with mention of cocaine being bantered about like it was a common thing to argue about in public. TMZ released a video containing audio recording of the end of the argument.

The news went from laughable to pitiful to downright heartbreaking, when her brothers because posting pleas for help for their baby sister.

Photo: Zac Bevis (Paige’s brother) Facebook page
Photo: Roy Bevis (Paige’s brother) Facebook

Suddenly it became very evident that this 24-year old girl is quite possibly being abused, mentally, emotionally and physically and doesn’t seem oblivious to it’s danger. Reports are that she’s tried to leave before but always comes back within days if not hours. It’s a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome. But while past fights have resulted in water cooler chortles of two drunken party fouls, the words from her two brothers seem to add more serious weight to what’s really going on.

Photo: WWE

And let’s be honest – Paige hasn’t exactly had a great year. A serious injury robs her of her passion, she’s immediately split up from her boyfriend and he gets released. During all that down time, she does nothing but follow her boyfriend around and get into trouble. There’s a brief bright spot when The Rock announces he’s making a biopic about her family and her, but those feel good vibes were quickly squashed with the release of sex videos from a few years ago, and now her boyfriend is allegedly beating her. This would have broken most people. Who knows – maybe it has.

It’s time the slut shaming ended. We’ve all done some crazy things when we were young and we’re probably still wiping the sweat off our brows that we didn’t have cell phone cameras back in our day. It’s part of her past, but there’s no need to hang it over someone’s head when they’re down. That makes you a worse person in my books.

It’s time we stopped saying she deserves it. Has she made some really stupid choices? Absolutely. But again, haven’t we all? Hell, most of us have rebounded from worse. Let’s give her the opportunity to turn herself around and make herself a better person before we start pointing fingers and laughing. Let’s laugh about it in 20 years at her Hall of Fame induction speech. But not now.

And it’s time we stopped supporting anything Alberto Del Rio Patron does. His constant rants about the WWE are getting tired and old, like a man who is so blinded by rage that he can’t see how pathetic it looks when someone can’t get over a jilted lover. His no-shows over the past year or so are getting embarrassing. He sure doesn’t act like the professional he claims to be. And for Christ’s sake, it now sounds like he’s beating Paige. Nothing Paige has done deserves that kind of abuse. Nothing.

It’s time we showed our support to Paige. And not be sharing links to her leaked videos. And not for sharing memes with sex jokes. But by not promoting anymore videos of Alberto’s pathetic rants. By sharing the posts of her brothers and family when they cry for help. By supporting Paige in her journey back to the promised land of the squared circle where she belongs.

Just because she’s part of the soap opera of the WWE Universe at work, doesn’t mean she has to be part of a soap opera in real life as well.

When this relationship began, it was like Sid & Nancy. But now it seems to be steering towards Bonnie & Clyde. Sadly, neither film had a very happy ending.

Let’s hope Paige can get out. And move on. And write the happiest ending possible for The Rock’s Wrestling With My Family movie. Because for good or bad, we’re getting to this tale’s Final Chapter.

Our thoughts and vibes and full support to Saraya-Jade Bevis. And the entire Bevis/Knight clan.


Photo: WWE


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