WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley, Kendo Stick on a Pole Match


The story

Alexa has become Raw women´s champion and found her first rivalry against the crowd´s darling, Bayley (which she had a brief story from their NXT days). The Five Feet of Fury blonde has been trash talking Bayley for weeks, showing how good she is on the mic and making Bayley look weak (something I don´t get: Bayley was completely badass at NXT and now she just looks dumb). Alexa introduced a kendo stick a couple of weeks ago bringing the best out of the hug girl opening the way to Extreme Rules with one of the less interesting stipulations ever: kendo stick on a pole match.

After a disastrous parody of 1999´s classic Mankind and The Rock segment This is Your Life this Monday at Raw; Extreme Rules may be the battlefield which help Bayley to get over an Alexa Bliss who has been overwhelming for the girl next door. A story of bullying and little wrestling isn´t that attractive, but maybe is just the start of a good rivalry between both, we´ll see.

The characters

Alexa Bliss is one of the most improved female wrestlers from last year. She went from being the manager of Blake and Murphy at NXT to be the first woman to ever hold both brands championships. She has all the trust of the company, she can cut great promos, gives decent matches with great in-ring psychology and is utterly loved/hated by the crowd.

Bayley is looking for her way into the division. She represents the underdog which is good and basically that was her job on NXT. Frankly, she has been looking bad and maybe that is for her benefit who would know? The good thing with Bayley is that she can put good matches every day of the week if she wants to, so we will see how she works her abilities with an “extreme” stipulation.

The prediction

I thought that this should be an easy moment for Alexa to install herself as the top heel in the division by retaining the title, but suddenly, after that piece of garbage of the monday´s segment I feared Alexa would be punished for a work she is not to blame (she did what she could with all that nonsense). The segment failed terribly, Bayley couldn´t reply and the people over the mat were just awkward, even Alexa when interviewing the teacher, hesitated when she realized how all that sounded: “If that´s your real name!”

But I say Alexa retains on an entertaining match and the rivalry continues for the good of both women, they must realize that they can endure this feud and make it a modern era classic.