WWE Backlash Preview: Welcoming Committee vs Lynch/Flair/Naomi

WWE Backlash Preview: Welcoming Committee vs Lynch/Flair/Naomi

WWE Backlash Preview: Welcoming Committee vs Lynch/Flair/Naomi

The Story:

The Superstar Shake Up saw the debut of Charlotte Flair who immediately overshadowed the return of Tamina and jumped the line for a title shot.  This rubbed Natalya the wrong way, prompting her to decide that she and the other girls should welcome Charlotte. During a Naomi vs Flair title match on SDL, the Welcoming Committee interfered and laid out both girls, Lynch was strangely nowhere to be found and rumors swirled that she may be joining the dark side. The next week on SDL the WC were trying to persuade Lynch to join them.  Lynch tired of being the fool considered their offer and later in the night during a WC beat down, Lynch looked like joining them before reminding everyone that she is truly good and helped Flair and Naomi fight them off.  Battle lines have been drawn and the WC want the title, but so do Flair and Lynch. Alliances have formed but for how long is to be determined, especially with Flair being untrustworthy.

The Match: 

This isn’t the first 6 man match these girls have had and probably wont be the last.  This should be a basic 6-man match with an extended face in peril before the hot tag.    This match may also see one of the faces turn to join the WC as it is unsure who the actual leader is, another selling point to the match is who specifically gets the pin as they should see themselves get a title shot.  It will be interesting to see which of the WC they single out for a title shot or if the face team can coexist.  Expect Carmella to pick up the win again as it seems she is going to be the next challenger possibly with interference from Ellsworth.

Prediction: Carmella to pin Naomi