WWE Backlash Preview: Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn


    Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn

    The Buildup:
    Baron Corbin has tried to make his name on beating up the underdogs and he takes on “The Underdog From The Underground” on Sunday. Zayn comes from the independents and Corbin never had to step foot anywhere else but WWE. Baron Corbin attacked Sami Zayn on Talking Smack and tossed a referee out of the way in the process. Corbin has been suspended for 2 weeks for those actions and will be on fire when he’s back. There is a new aggression to “The Lone Wolf” and being on Smackdown has only gotten him better. Corbin has gotten lots of top level competition like A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose, this is another test against a veteran.

    Smackdown has become the land of opportunity and that is prefect for Zayn. He has to prove himself where he was losing far too often on Raw. Zayn is one of WWE’s best all-around performers and he has been waiting to break through the glass ceiling. Taking on a brawling heavyweight like Corbin and winning would be big in Sami proving himself. Zayn has awesome aerial offence that would take the big man down. Nobody knows how to take a beating in WWE and get right back up more than Zayn and he is going to do a lot of that. Another loss would do Sami no favours but both are on the upside heading in to Backlash.

    The Match:

    Sami Zayn is going to need to keep the match a fast pace to come out on top. Zayn does not fare very well when he takes on brutes like Braun Strowman, but his size is deceptive and he could pick up Corbin off his feet. Moves like the Helluva kick could come out of knowhere and shock the WWE Universe. Zayn could use this win and hopefully not via rollup. Both of these men came up from NXT together and surprisingly have not had very many one-on-one matches. WWE has a great big man-small man feud with this and it may not even end here.

    It seems Zayn always chokes when he needs to win and that could definitely happen here. Baron Corbin would love to bulldoze through this match but it could be a longer night than Corbin thinks. Since Zayn just arrived on Smackdown, he would be the great choice to win here but that seems unlikely. WWE seems very hesitant to give Sami Zayn any sort of sustained push. This will be a sign of how Zayn is treated in the future now that he is on Smackdown. The feud could rage on after Sunday but a victory would really move one of these 2 to the top of the card. These 2 have the exact opposite of approaches to the ring and it will show but who will get the momorable win is the question. The U.S. and WWE titles are on the horizon. The intensity of Corbin will be a big edge in this match. Even though Corbin is young, he is way beyond his years in every match. The brawling style will take Zayn down and out but this could be the best match of the night if this is back-and-forth. All it might take is the End Of Days and Corbin looks for his first WWE championship.

    Predicted winner: Baron corbin.

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