WWE Payback Preview: WWE Tag Team Championship: The Hardys vs Sheamus and Cesaro

WWE Payback Preview:WWE tag team title match: The Hardy's vs Sheamus and Cesaro

WWE Payback Preview: WWE tag team title match: The Hardy’s vs Sheamus and Cesaro

The Build up:

The Hardy’s return to WWE has been great for the fans although the booking is somewhat lacking. A great tag match here but there are no heels so there is something to be desired. This match is somewhat reminicent of Cade and Murdoch vs The Hardy’s from 10 years ago. The Hardy’s are seemingly how they were before in WWE, they could use the “Broken” edge at this point in WWE. The fans still love The Hardy’s and a Cesaro/Sheamus win would bring in nothing but boo’s. Cesaro and Sheamus have developed some serious chemistry and have the chance to be 2-time WWE tag team champions. It was great to see Cesaro vs Jeff Hardy 2 weeks ago on Raw so the potential is there for something special in this tag match. There is probably going to be lots of spots and The Hardy’s in peril in this one. Could be some false finishes but Jeff and Matt have all the tag experience here. The Hardy’s (Matt Hardy in particular) have not-so-subtly bringing the Delete gimmick to WWE TV. Fans are going to be on fire for this match, if only for The Hardy’s. Cesaro is very popular but seems to be downhill a bit with the booking, a great performance could turn things around for Cesaro. These teams met at Wrestlemania in a 4-way ladder match but this will be the first tag match between all 4.


Jeff and Matt are as popular as ever and have made an old act new again. The longer the match the more it goes in the favor of the challengers. It is likely the champions retain and Cesaro and Sheamus could even break-up during, or after the match. Sheamus will be the deciding factor in a win or loss here.

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