ROH Honorable Mention: ROH TV Review (4/01/2017)


ROH Honorable Mention: ROH TV Review (4/01/2017)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sam’s Town

The show this week was the third episode taped in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly were on commentary to start the show.

A video from after last week’s main event aired to start the show. The footage was of the fallout from The Bullet Club’s loss. Adam Cole grabbed a mic and called the Young Bucks into the ring. He said that he was very disappointed in them, blaming them for their loss and the errant superkick he received. Cole then so far as to publicly fire the Young Bucks. Matt Jackson got on the mic and told Cole that the real leader of the Bullet Club is Kenny Omega before the Bucks left the ring. An Adam Cole promo followed during which he made it clear that he is not finished with the ROH World title and that he plans on reclaiming it in the near future.

First Match: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Ray Rowe
Smith attacked Rowe’s knee as soon as Rowe entered the ring and the bell rang immediately. Smith continued to work on the knee, driving it into the apron repeatedly before wrapping around the ring post. Rowe was able to kick Smith off and the two brawled on the outside, with Smith eventually dropping Rowe knee first onto the timekeeper’s table and locking on a ring post figure-four. Upon return from the break the two were back in the ring trading rights until Smith was able to floor Rowe and apply a inverted figure-four that Rowe broke by reaching the ropes. Despite missing shotgun knees and seemingly further injuring his knee, Rowe was able to hit the Death Rowe after two attempts, picking up a pinfall victory. The match worked on a number of levels. It built off of the issues that Smith and Rowe had at the 15th anniversary show and also weaved its own tale of Rowe battling his injured knee. Smith looked strong here and Rowe did an excellent job of wrestling in the underdog role, one we rarely seem him in with ROH.

Winner: Ray Rowe

Second Match: ROH Top Prospect Prospect Tournament Match
“The Kingpin” Brian Milonas vs. Josh “The Goods” Woods
Before the match started off, Kelly informed the viewing audience that the match was from before Manhattan Mayhem. I appreciate that they did not simply try to lay new commentary over this match or make it seem like it took place the same night as the other matches. Milonas was in control early, using his strength to keep Woods grounded, but Woods was able to show flashes of his MMA style by locking in an omoplata from the apron. The story being told here was that although Milonas dominating Woods the longer the match went, the more of a chance Woods would have because of his background. As has been the case for all the matches in the tournament, Brutal Bob Evans brings a level of intimate knowledge of the entire crowd of prospects that truly makes each match more interesting with his little tidbits. In the end Woods did indeed walk away the winner via submission as he was able to ensnare Milonas’ right leg in a modified kneebar.

Winner: Josh Woods

Video of Bully Ray showing up at Manhattan Mayhem and a short promo from the Briscoes about how they were excited that he has joined ROH. This was well done to catch fans up on an important event that not everyone may have seen on VOD.

Video of Kazarian winning the 6-man match, becoming number one contender for the Television title. From later in the same night we are shown the ending of the title match during which Kazarian revealed he was never truly part of the Bullet Club.

Main Event: ROH World Television Championship Match
Marty Scurll (c) Kenny King w/Caprice Coleman
Kazarian joined Kelly and Riccaboni on commentary. No code of honor here, Scurll started off with a waist lock and the two exchanged wristlocks and headscissors takeovers to a stalemate to a round of applause from the crowd. After the break Scurll was in charge but was quickly felled with a drop toe hold. King locked in a side headlock but was forced to the corner and was chopped repeatedly until Scurll eased off, allowing King to hit his own chops and a guillotine, using the top rope as he leapt to the arena floor. Scurll recovered quickly as King jawed with the crowd and then action went back to the inside. Scurll locked King’s legs and drove his knee caps into the matt but was a step slow heading into the corner, allowing King to score a near fall after a sunset flip. Scurll slowed down the match by criss crossing King’s arms around his own throat. King was able to reverse it and took to it to Scurll, delivering a beautiful spinebuster as the show went to break again.

After the break Scurll dropkicked King’s leg and delivered a suplex that went for a two count. Scurll continued the onslaught with a textbook piledriver, but King was able to kick out yet again. The two traded right as they rose to their feet, with Scurll popping up to his feet and catching King flush in the face with a side kick. King thwarted chickenwing attempts twice before tossing Scurll to the outside where he flung him into the barricade. Back on the inside King connected with a blockbuster from the top rope that earned him a two count and as he went for his finisher Scurll snapped King’s fingers, hit his chickenwing waltz before locking the move on for the submission victory. Seeing King in a spot like this away from Rebellion tag matches may indicate that he will be the singles representative from the group and that’s a good thing. King puts on excellent matches and this was no different, giving him the chance to shine outside of tag matches is something ROH should continue to do for the near future.

Winner: Marty Scurll

Final Reaction: B
I’ve been really high on ROH television as of late and this episode continues the streak of not only good wrestling, which the company is known for, but also shows a more effective use of the television time and production overall. Often shows that run at the same time that PPVs are held are a bit weaker or out of canon. This time last year we were watching compilation shows and all though this wasn’t the most exciting episode of television it was well done.

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